Currently working - Having finished the Lettermore coupe of 3100tons, we have a couple of weeks tiding up an open contract then off to Ullapool to the famous Lael Glen....

About US

Malcolm (CALUM) Duffy has 23 years experience working in the forest business. Having come through the ranks of working chappelhall winches, timbermasters and now onto the excavator based machines I have gathered a vast knowledge of the mechanical and technical side of skylining. I am a second generation logger brought up the proper way, taught the chainsaw by my father Hugh Duffy and John MacCrone in system felling. Then moved onto harvesting for my father and skylining with my friend and now foreman David MacFarlane. I am a trained aerial chainsaw operator and rescue climber, have all the ground based chainsaw qualifications, have fmo's in the harvester, forwarder and skyline, and both ground based electrical arb qualifications.

I employ 5 full time men, they are all trained chainsaw operators and all trained chokermen. 2 have fmo's in the forwarder and 2 are about to go through their aerial rescue tickets, I put my men through these tickets myself and take a lot of pride seeing the boys maturing into proper woodsmen. The average age of my crew is 26 years old.

Donald: 19 years old, main feller, trained forwarder operator and chokerman, been with company nearly 2 years. From Tobermory, isle of mull. Has just passed his CS38 and now is an aerial rescue climber.

Michal: trained chokerman and feller, 23 years old from Poland. Been with the company for 4 years on and off.

James: 17 years old, main chokerman and trained feller. Been with company nearly a year. From Acharacle. Has just passed his CS38 and is now an aerial rescue climber.

Shaun: main forwarder operator, trained feller and chokerman. 23 years old from Lochaline, been with company a year.

Farly: (foreman) main skyline operator, trained feller, chokerman and harvester operator. 38 years old from Dervaig, Isle of mull. Been with company since the beginning.