Currently working - Having finished the Lettermore coupe of 3100tons, we have a couple of weeks tiding up an open contract then off to Ullapool to the famous Lael Glen....

Our Equipment

Current skyline is the EX350 from A&B Services operated with the USKA 1,5 payout carriage, we are getting a brand new skyline built right now based on a 36ton Volvo which will be fully hydraulic and have a large main line pull and have the capabilities to go long distances, we expect this in early autumn 2012.

Harvester: Caterpillar 320cl with 758hd john deere harvesting head, excellent for processing bings due to good slew power and fast accurate head.

Forwarder: 1710d 2007 model. Industry recognised as the most powerful, versatile forwarder for pulling large loads over long distances.

We are self sufficient with a port able workshop allowing most repairs to be carried out on site for less downtime. Anything larger we have excellent services from John Deere, A&B Services and Caterpillar.